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Bachelor in European Studies - BAES

Who are we?


Dr. Kolja Raube is Assistant Professor for European Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences at KU Leuven. He is programme director of the Bachelor in European Studies and director of the Centre for European Studies at KU Leuven. For more information: KU Leuven profile

Social media: @koljaraube

Research interests:

  • Global governance
  • Global contestation
  • Legitimacy
  • Democracy
  • Rule of law
  • Human rights

Research projects:

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Nikki Decoster is the administrative coordinator of the BAES programme. She's an administrative staff member of the Faculty of Social Sciences, KU Leuven since 2012. As a former teacher and staff member of the education and student administration and communications office of the faculty, she has incorporated her knowledge about the educational system into the development of the BAES and will be the first contact point for all BAES students who will start their studies at KU Leuven. She also takes the lead in the administrative coordination between all 8 partner universities of the BAES programme.

Social media: @Nikki_Decoster

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